Welcome to MSBT Law

    Offices located at 7699 West Riverside Drive along the Boise Greenbelt

    MSBT Law epitomizes the old-fashioned work ethic and progressive lifestyle of the Intermountain West. We take pride in our ability to create solutions for local government, municipal finance, family law, small business and natural resources/public lands clients. Our team has diverse backgrounds and interests who understand legal professionals work in a customer service industry.

    We demand “big firm” product while enjoying Idaho’s quality of life. By selecting our specialized practice areas, we allow these goals to complement one another. By consciously choosing to live in Boise, we obtain access to the best of modern transportation and technology without the encumbrances of extended firm structure and big city overhead.

    Our clients hire lawyers, not law firms. For clients in our specialized practice areas, MSBT Law offers an unparalleled combination of experience, resources and personal attention.

    We are in the business of solving problems, not just offering advice.


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